Capt. Charles "David" Pearce II (Ret.)


Barbara and Dan paying respects to David.
Barbara placing a red rose. pine cones and a flag.

We miss you David ..... Barbara and Dan

" Assume Nothing, Question Everything " 
Capt. Charles David Pearce

Charles "David" Pearce was a complex man…To those of us
who spent real quality time with David he was many things
but never boring. David was inquisitive but never nosey…
David was a private man in many ways. Those he came
to trust, knew him, and they could rely on his respect
and a lasting friendship.

David had a thirst for life and knowledge. He put great
gusto into researching all he could about his family lineage.
We would talk for hours about what he was uncovering and
tease him as we all laughed about some of the odd fellows he
was uncovering and their activities at the time of their earthly
visit.  David also found and proudly boasted about some
famous and very interesting ancestors in his lineage,
which we will share at a later date.

He was a man of strong views but would listen to a voice of reason...

David was a competent self trained therapeutic hypnotist...

He possessed the heart and spirit of a knight...

David was a realist who Dared To Dream

David was a spiritual man....

He was uniquely and decidedly, "Capt. Charles "David" Pearce"

David loved the ocean art gallery image with a passion and we often 

shared the day we would all be close and personal with the great abyss
once again. We were even making long range plans to buy and share a 
piece of land near the ocean and spoke about the 
"Caribbean or the Seychelles". 

In order to keep the "Dream" alive we turned David onto Internet 
sites offering affordable wonderful land and homes in these paradises, 
which David starting doing in kind! It was one way to be part of a 
needed healing while holding steadfast, the dream held deeply 
in our heart of hearts.

David was, after all, a merchant marine once serving in the Navy.
He traveled far and wide. He would share stories of the gold coast
of Africa with us. He was a proud, but never a naive American. He
had his anger, which was well reasoned since it was towards the
abuse that Vets faced within their own Government. And the
Veterans Administration which is still at best, not what one could
ever call, respectful towards the veteran who too often must
call on the VA to be of service. Granted there are
some wonderful folks working there! But the lack of
decent funding, the lies, the lack of quality care for
the average vet can be appalling, and the politics of
deceitful, greedy bureaucratic fools, should be an
embarrassment to any honorable American.

Note: Vice President Chaney gets the best care our tax money
can buy and has been serviced at top "Military Hospitals"…
He has never served a day in his life

There was more to David then can be shared in this memorial.
David was a many faceted man, he was our friend and almost
one-year later we sorely miss David, and his council.

We hope to share stories that will bring a smile to your face.
There are some stories that will make you sad if you care about
our Veterans and what they often are faced with when they are down
on their luck finding themselves at the mercy of a system that sees 
them only as a number if at all. Not seeing the sacrifices made 
behind the scenes. Not looked on as one in need of our respect and 
all that can respectfully and compassionately be done at this 
most vulnerable time in their lives.

I have waited to put up this memorial out of respect to David’s  family, 
who all these many months later have not seen it in their hearts to 
participate in any way. We had hoped they could supply us with
some photos since we were unable to locate those which we had.
I cannot wait any longer. It is too much like the experience
which David Pearce faced alone when he had his unauthorized
open heart surgery done by the VA hospital...

The pursuing damage done to his overall health which was
to eventually and eventfully change his life forever! These
stories of betrayal and deceit will be shared at a later date.
It may explain for  some who knew David, why he could be
so bitter and utterly and passionately angry with his country
and its politics, so much so, that his face would become
beet red. Yet those who knew him,
know he was a proud
and a well versed patriot!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying David was this perfect
human who was done wrong. He would be the last to say that.
He was fighting mad about what all vets face when they need
the VA services. I am saying this though, David was this special
human being, who after he did his part, was completely and
UN-ceremoniously let down, treated like he had no real value.
This was done by a system that gladly used what David and
those like him have to offer, and then, are ever willing to
discard, in their time of crisis.

I will attempt to assist you in creating a visually picture of David
by introducing you to him through the eyes of those who came to
know his soft side, through those who came to love him, along with
his beautiful heart. My husband has suggested I paint or draw a
portrait of David. One day when I am again able to paint with
my now damaged right hand, I shall give it my best effort.

I will be sharing his 2 Cockatiels, their story and David's experience
with them, along with the one who flew away in Nevada shortly before
David’s death. Along with the one who flew into our temporary studio
compound in New Mexico 700 miles away. Coming from out of
nowhere, one month after we received word that David was
no longer with us. This bird has David’s personality and those
who knew David would agree…It blows Dan and my mind
David was to visit us the summer he passed away…
..Need I say more!

 Veterans Cemetery - Boulder City, Nevada


One of the things David often said to me
because of my bleeding heart was,

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
How right you are David!

David Pearce Family Home Page

Rest In Peace David