Elephant Love and the Tsunami


From the unbelievable chaos of the Tsunami disaster comes an incredible tale from Jim France of the Pavilion Hotel Group in Bangkok.

At a resort on Phuket, one of the most popular attractions is (was) elephant rides. As many as eight people on one elephant, first into the surrounding forest, then down to the beach, to lunch at a fresh water lagoon, then back to the hotel. The elephants (nine) were kept chained to in-ground posts, not because they needed to be, but because it made the mothers feel better because their children seemed safe from a tromping when feeding the beasts.

About twenty minutes before the first wave hit, the elephants became extremely agitated and unruly. Four had just returned from a trip and their handlers had not yet chained them. They helped the other five tear free from their chains. They all then climbed a hill and started bellowing.

Many people followed them up the hill. Then the waves hit. After the waves subsided, the elephants charged down from the hill, and started picking up children with their trunks and running them back up the hill; when all the children were taken care of, they started helping the adults. They rescued forty- two people.

Then, they returned to the beach and carried up four dead bodies, one of a child. Not until the task was done would they allow their handlers to mount them. Then with handlers atop, they began moving wreckage.

Many Super-Human and Super-Sentient capacities were being exhibited through these Wonderful Elephant Beings including Divine Love for one another and their fellow humans through the transitions they were going through.

For me, this is another sign that we will eventually awaken to recognizing the animals as our companions and conscious co-creators of life on earth, instead of beasts of burden, food and clothing.

Rob Solarion
Northeast Texas

Note: For as long as I can remember Animals, all animals, have held a special place in my heart... So many have touched my spirit both in their life here and some after they moved on... The longer I live the more I realize that there is only one dumb animal on the planet... The human animal! Those who consider all creatures great and small, beneath them... The human animal, who kills for wealth and material things... The human animal who will destroy and in their sick mind justify the killing of vast numbers any living thing which stands in their way to acquire these shallow things...

When most believers think of the Garden of Eden they only think of Adam and Eve... That's very sad... What about all the critters that were innocent of pride and disobedience... Food for thought!... Like these Elephants they have served man and been abused by many...

Just think of the horse, and what the marvelous horse assisted humans in achieving... Think of how the "
Wild Horses of America" do not touch the heart of the majority... How they are and have been regarded as pests by American cattlemen, cattle barons who use public lands for free, and do not want the beautiful wild horse competing for grazing rights... So they are shot, sold for food and a lucky few, are found homes...

Think of the glorious "Mountain Gorilla", gently shy, who live high in the mountains as far away from humans as possible... What a concept! "Mountain Gorillas" have suffered under extremes as humans have and still will kill them for the use of their hands as expensive ashtrays for the wealthy, as well as kill the "
Silverbacks" and the mothers in order to steal their babies. Insensitively, selling  them on the black-market for trade, where many suffer and perish...

Since the extreme unrest in the area, they have been slaughtered food or just because they were in the path of rebels... Humans, for the most part, do not cherish the life of anything unless it suits them... Animals on the other hand are without false pride and desire for riches. Animals are beautifully simple in their wants... Food/Water... A warm place to lie... and the need for their environment to be free of poachers and other thoughtless wanton killers...

Peaceful uncomplicated humans are in need of the very same thing mentioned above...

If only humans could learn this one important lesson... Wanting is far removed from needing!... The wonton wants of the few cause extreme chaos in the lives of the many.

Barbara, Dan & Gene...
When Dreams Die, So Goes Greatness!


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