Freedom Rings


Those of us who have assisted veterans
in receiving the benefits they were/are entitled to,
know the dues and denial of benefits that many vets
are faced with.
Today we are preoccupied with

I could share many a story of the
faced by our veterans once they are home,
and find themselves at the mercy of the
very system they have fought & died to
protect! Pernicious treatment in their
time of need, by the very system
they gave up so much for!

I will share one such story with you, as he,  Ed; would
have had me do just that! He made me promise,
shortly before his death,
" Never let them forget ! "


His name was Ed Ellis, he was from New Jersey.
He served in Nam! He was a prisoner of war!
He was a POW for three months!
He escaped!

He came home to a time when Americans were being
ignorantly unkind! He had no one  to share his
deepest most thoughts and fears with!

Ed was a proud and considerate person!
He worked hard and was liked by those who
knew him! One day while working for a casino
in Las Vegas he was seriously hurt on the job.
From that day on until his death, he would be
made to suffer unbelievable torture at the
hands of those that he fought
to protect!

note: I will be sharing more about Ed
in the near future on
"Dare To Dream" & "Safe Harbor"
in an attempt to keep my promise to
A promise he asked me to make and
he knew
I would one day keep. It was made
only days
before Ed died from what
amounts to,
bad faith and gross
by the very system
once fought to protect.



 If you are not well informed
regarding these two killers, compliments of  
 Weapons of mass destruction!
Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium!

Please research before you support wars
that compromise the health of our Veterans!

True patriots would protect our troops
from these horrors and the terrorist that
perpetually, perpetrate these atrocities.

Our troops are not guinea pigs !
But much of our leadership 
are either ill informed, or,

Let  FReedom  Ring

By the Design of our Forefathers
"Bill of Rights"

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

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