Mel Gibson's Labor of Love!

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For believers there is only one choice,
support " The Passion of Christ "
For those who are non believers or of another faith,
You must support this film because it is freedom of
expression at stake here. Make no mistake about it,
Mr. Gibson's film does not change the truth as was
and is recorded in the Holy Book. "Gods Children
and Advocates of Truth" have nothing to fear!
If there should be violent outbreaks it will not be
Gods own; For violence was not the teaching
of The Christ.

This is about The "Christ" and
what he did for love of man.
I have not yet seen Mel Gibson's Movie about
the crucifixion of the Christ.  I do not need to see
"The Passion of Christ" in order to feel
great pain about Christ's' Crucifixion.
On many an occasion I have welled up
with uncontrollable tears, trying to
comprehend such love, & what the Christ
did for so many; All fall short of such love!

Believers owe it to "The Word' to bare witness to
the truth. I'm looking forward to seeing an accurate
portrayal of the Crucifixion. I believe that it is a
Labor of Love by Mr. Gibson

It shows his faith, and "It Is His Gift to God". I can
almost feel his love. If  hate is somehow inspired by
this movie, it is because hate has always existed
because of deceit and ignorance.

Those who hate in the name of the Living God,
The Christ, do not know him, nor Scripture.

Why do you think that some of us fill up with tears
thinking of the Crucifixion?  It's because
The Christ Was Love and that was
What He Taught, even
" While
Suffering on the Cross "

The message above blamed no one!
Christ Reached Out With Love,
and Then, It Was Finished!
Christ Commended his spirit
unto his father in Heaven.





Mel Gibson's
" The Passion of the Christ "
Support Passion
"Painful to Watch, But Not Anti-Semitic"
By David Horowitz