Hewlett Packard

I have become very disappointed with the Quality of HP printers.  The 870Cse had to be replaced several times due to a known HP problem with these printers.  Then I acquired a 990Cse and it had to be replaced from the start (twice) due to parts falling off.  What next?

Well, I got a 1220 C/ps (wide format) printer.  At times it will not print on wide format as stated by HP, or it pulls in more than one piece of paper at a time, or starts printing page after page of symbols and letters (you have to turn the printer off to get it to stop), and to top it off, when it does not pull the paper all the way in (which happens far to many times) it begins spraying ink on the rollers and or does not start to print till the paper is over half the way through. > click here to see actual results.

The only quality thing we have received from HP is their many "Certificate of Quality" papers.

Dan Williams