Does Yahoo, Comcast, AOL, et al, censor your emails.
Not for Spam content, but for political reasons!

This is a service DTDN is offering that has taken some researching but well worth the time for those who do not want big brother looking over their shoulder...

The new world order has arrived.  At the Web sites listed below you will see who the players are!

In today's environment one need not break any law to find themselves imprisoned! Dare say something that displeases someone and whammy... Yahoo Helps Jail 3rd Dissident not for advocating violence but free speech!

Please sit down find a quiet moment and check out and save these

sites...Either in a folder, favorite Places and or print out..

Save them for reference..

It could prove to be worth the effort!

This is something which affects us all!



“Internet is pulling ahead of censors”
Keep Internet Speech Free!
How Multinational Internet Companies assist Government Censorship in China
Yahoo Helps Jail 3rd Dissident
not for advocating violence but free speech!

Comcast censures Emails for political content
Families Against Internet Censorship.
The Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition

Censorship - Internet or other
Internet Censorship
Internet Censorship
Internet Censorship Fact Sheet
Cyber College
Freedom of Expression and Cyber-Censorship Issues
Internet Censorship Bill
Internet Censorship and Jewish Destiny
Web censorship: Correspondent reports
Who supports Internet Censureship
Censorship In A Box
Groups Sue Over Internet Censorship
Amnesty International
Civil Liberties Advocacy Network
Bypass Internet Censorship
Silenced: Censorship and Control of the Internet
The Blogging Journal
Internet censorship in germany
Reporters without borders organises 24-hour online demo against Internet censorship.
circumvent Internet censorship
U.S. Moves to Fight Internet Censorship
Internet Censorship and Surveillance
Academic Freedom and the Internet
If you can't defend what is unpalatable
to you personally, then you don't
actually believe in free speech.
You only believe in the
free speech of those
who agree
with you.

Slaman Rushdie, noted author