Level Propane

I feel it most necessary to bring to the attention of everyone out there that reads Sound Off to be aware of this company and it's bad faith practices.  LEVEL PROPANE  has defrauded customers out of monies they did not owe this company!  LEVEL PROPANE did not honor contracts, changing original understanding for a set cost for the period of one year and numerous other infractions which they have been  perpetrating for many years as the record clearly shows.  New York is one state, who's' Attorney General, got satisfaction for customers held hostage by the bogus business practices of  LEVEL PROPANE.  The State of New Mexico, when they finally got on the ball, delivered too little too late as LEVEL PROPANE filed for bankruptcyIt is estimated that  LEVEL PROPANE has been allowed to get away with these bad faith business practices in some 22 States, going back, in some instances, TO EIGHT LONG YEARS!   B.C.

Points To Ponder
What are the great American President BUSH & Washington leaders really up too as we Americans are being victimized by major Corporations such as LEVEL PROPANE and lest we forget, "ENRON", "WORLDCOM" &, there's the shenanigans of our Vice President & Halliburton?  

We are trying to teach yet  another Country,  IRAQ, about DEMOCRACY, which for many years, due to sanctions imposed at the behest of then President BUSH, SR, has  effectively starved and reduced this once proud Nation to mere food for the jackals!  We have bombed them for years and are bombing them into submission at this very moment,  & we are, at the same time, effectively allowing Corporate America to rip off hard working Americans!  What price must we Americans & others continue to pay for your definition of DEMOCRACY, WASHINGTON ?  B.C.