A Tribute to a fallen Friend

  Louis Trujillo 

My husband and I met Louis early 2001. 
He would always wave as he passed our place 
on the way to filling some ones propane tank.

One day, due to circumstances 
we will not discuss here, 
we found ourselves in need of changing 
the propane company we were dealing with.

Because of Louie and his so very pleasant manner, 
we decided to asked him about getting Propane 
from the company he represented. 
He gave us the phone number and since that time 
we have done business with triple AAA.
All because of a special, very nice gentleman.  

"All companies need a "Louie" Trujillo "

We enjoyed many an interesting 
conversation with Louie as we shared 
a cup of coffee or cold drink on a hot day!

Louie had a sense of humor, was well informed 
on issues of importance and we thoroughly 
enjoyed our visits with this nice gentleman.

He always had a smile and brought a ray 
of sunshine with him whenever he was around.

We missed Louie when he took time off 
to assist in fighting the fires that were 
all around us in 2002.

We were happy to have him back and he and Dan 
shared in the delight of the wonderful photos 
he had taken near his home in the beautiful 

Jemez Mountains, of Northern NM.

Louie spoke of having his own Web site 
where he could share the wonder (photos) 
of the place he called home in 
Cuba, NM.

We will be sharing Louie's photos 
as soon as they are made available.

We wish to honor what was to be Louie's 
last thoughts and desires with us 
( A Web site displaying his recent photos
(further in)

Two people  came to love this special man, 
 and looked  forward to his  visits.

We wish to share whatever we can with those of you 
visiting Louie's home on The World Wide Web, 
so you may come to know 
Louie too.

We will no longer be blessed with Louie's 
earthly presence, but there is no doubt
that Louie is bringing 
sunshine to the 

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