Short Biography

Louis attended St. Joseph's College in
Albuquerque New Mexico where he 
earned an associates degree in police 
science & criminology in 1976.

Louis joined Sandia Labs security 
organization Dec.1979 as a member 
of the "extra board" force and became 
a full-time security inspector 
in August of 81.

Louis is the father of four children
Tanya, Louis "Chico", Leonard and Leann.

louie enjoyed photography, fishing, 
hunting, softball, pistol shooting 
and his home in Cuba, NM.

Louis is survived by his siblings
Darlene, Roman, Michael, 
Gilbert, Liz, John

Later in life he decided to drive 
a propane truck and deliver gas to
those living off the beaten path. 
louie would come to say to some of us, 
that this was something he truly enjoyed 
as he got to meet and visit with folks 
he would never  have known. 
Louie was someone that cared 
about his customers and 
he endeared himself to many of us. 
He was as interesting a person 
as he was considerate, and
always, "the gentleman"!

He is sorely missed!
Barbara & Dan Williams