Ready Pac Produce

I am not a happy camper! I have used your products for a long time and I am not pleased with your product when I purchase it at the Wal-Mart in Espanola, NM. I have expressed my feelings before and was promised a coupon to rectify a problem of an almost empty bag of salad. I have used your cantaloupe in both sizes. I have bought it from Santa Fe, NM, Las Vegas, NV, and it was fresh and sweet.

When I have purchased it at the Espanola Wal-Mart IT IS GREEN and my family has found themselves on the john for long periods of time. I purchased in good faith and all my family and I have experienced from the cantaloupe purchased at Espanola was a cantaloupe that was hard and green. We have purchased at least a dozen in the last two months and not one has been reasonable from the Wal-Mart store and it has me wondering what the game is.

It seems to me that the Espanola store cannot be expected to receive the same quality that the Santa Fe Store and others are receiving and I intend to do something about it. I am posting my complaint on several Websites that market this type of complaint where the consumer has a voice in expressing how their hard-earned money is not insuring that they receive quality food. I for one have had enough of the garbage that more and more is being forced on the American public. We are not getting our moneys worth! Get your act together Corporate America!

Barbara Williams