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The Price Of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance
                                                         Thomas Jefferson

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement by
John Kerry, 1971 to the Senate Committee
of Foreign Relations April 23, 1971

Veterans for Peace

Norm Chomsky

The Peoples Voice .... February 6, 2004

I will be sharing information as I find out about certain issues as it pertains and impacts the lives of average Americans. I'm an Entertainer/Artist/Writer/ by trade.  I became an Activist
because choice was being stolen right from under me when
my husband sustained a serious on the job injury in 1989,
and was rendered totally disabled.  Along with my husband,
I became an unwilling victim of a bureaucratic nightmare!
I learned, regretfully, that there were people who
would destroy you with deceitful behavior, and in
this scheme of life
.... My Husbands health and
my essence, were under attack

My career of many years was forced on a back burner! My
husband needed my undivided attention in the fight ahead.  It
shouldn't have been a fight! It shouldn't have taken years!
Eight to be exact! Not in an honorable society!  My husband
was seriously damaged and could no longer do what he had
done before, which was a Certified Welder, a Certified Diver
and an extremely active, healthy, robust man.  Due to the
extreme damage both by My husbands injuries, and the
systems abuse, our lives would change drastically.

 We kept excellent records of the entire 8 years of oppression!
We were relentless in compelling the system to honor the
Rules and Regulations so my husband could be evaluated
by competent physicians.  That in itself became a task and
it came at a price!

Checks were stopped on a regular basis in order to
punish us while waiting for weeks or months for a
hearing in order to hold them accountable to their
pernicious behavior. Becoming active in our survival
was imperative! There were those who tried to block us
at every juncture. We literally had to surround the fort
if we were to survive the onslaught of lies, Deceit, Corruption,
Coercion, Manipulation of documents and the dirty Politics.

The Politics of the "Greedy, Ruthless Insurance
Companies", and their more then willing,
equally greedy, mean spirited, cohorts.

It was my wish then, and it is my wish now, to continue growing
 in knowledge as I uncover the truth and I discover the path
that must be taken. A path that must allow for honor.  I am not
an ignorant women, my knowledge is where it's at because I
have attended the best old school needed to relate to most
of the people. It is known as the school of "Hard Knocks!"

I pride myself on good common sense and have observed that it
is seriously lacking in much of American leadership today!
They arrogantly ignore our contribution as they claim they
are looking out for our interest and they really believe
that we believe them, and alas, some of us do

I am a seeker of truth and realize my truth may differ
from yours, or does it?  It could be, unless you are part of
the problem, that we want the same things?  Such as a safe zone,
a comfort zone and respect for our efforts

We live in quite possibly the greatest nation ever conceived!
But what makes a Nation, Country great?  Is it the People
The Wealth
.... The Leadership .... The Laws .... The Resources ....

We have all of the above. What is it then that we seriously lack?
It is my opinion that we lack
.... HONOR ....

Our word, as a nation, has long been forsaken and in its place
we now have spin!  Commercialism has become our Nations God!
Win at any cost is the battle cry!  Respect and self esteem
now comes in a bottle designed to enhance
whatever it is you are trying to enhance!

I have always believed that my word was my bond and
I have made it so!  But I have not always found it so,
in those that I have trusted

Creativity that demands discipline is almost non existent.
Machines and the men that own them, rule!
They scan, they count, they spell, they feed, they write,
they spy, they kill, they examine, and the beat goes on!

Now don't get me wrong, I know that machines have their place,
but so do we humans and we have lost our place, our space and
thus our self respect.  Machines have caused us to become
dependent and complacent, and complacency is where we
find ourselves, and that folks, is a most dangerous place to be.

For those that need an explanation of what I am saying,
to you I say, do your homework!  To those that understand
where I'm going with this but disagree, to you I say, good Luck!
To those of you that get my message; We have work to do before
we lose what is left of our independence, free will and reason for being!

The "Voice of the People" must be heard
and it must be taken seriously.

Four more years with George Bush,
and his cronies,
will bury this Nation!

It was during his fathers' and the Reagan years that insurance
companies found they had the perfect game plan, they could and
did buy our freedoms! They took up permanent residency in the
Peoples House, The Whitehouse! And they must be evicted!

During the Clinton years ( health care issues )
they relentlessly beat up on Hillary and Bill
in order to create a diversion,
and sadly, it worked!

And then they stole the "Whitehouse" in 2000 with
the blessing of "The Supreme Court" of this great land!

The Price was a Desecration of this Nations Heritage!

The Scope of the Corruption of our Policies, Both Here and Abroad,
Could take a Millennium Before it was Uncovered,
and the Stench Would Still be Obvious!

We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident !
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today's Voice of the People
Feb. 6, 2004

Unemployment benefits, friends and foes!

During the congressional debates today, the issue,
those whose unemployment benefits have ended.

Representative D. Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, minority whip,
led the charge against R. Rep. Tom De Lay, of
Texas.  The debate
was unemployment benefits and the short of it was, De Lay said
the jobs were out there, ( created by this tax gift to the rich)
Tom De Lay saying no more benefits were needed.

Rep. Hoyer held tough and told it the way it was; People were
losing their credit, their homes, filing bankruptcy and were in dire
need of honorable consideration.  The job market being nothing
more then smoke and mirrors!  39 Republicans, 1 Ind. voted
along with the democrats to extend benefits.
Check to see if your Representative was one of them!
B.C.W.  (

" To Care For Him Who Shall Have Borne The Battle "
Abraham Lincoln
Every time a problem arises, the essential thing is to immediately
become aware that the problem comes from our selfish mind,
that it is created by self-cherishing thoughts. As long as
you put the blame outside yourself,
there can be no happiness.

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche,
"Transforming Problems into Happiness