Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO)

Making Our Health A Priority. Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO) introduced two bills in late 2003 to improve food tracking and recall powers. "For too long the USDA has placed the interest of agribusiness over the
safety of the American public. The department's number one priority must
return to being the protection of the American public," DeGette insisted. 

The SAFER Food Act (HR 3546) would grant USDA and FDA officials
access to distribution records and give both agencies the authority to
impose civil penalties for the violation of food safety laws.

The TRACE Act (HR 3547) develops a system to trace and identify
meat products from animal to slaughterhouse to consumers' freezers.

Thanks to leading Democrats and their fight for reform,
the USDA announced last week that they will begin immediate
implementation of a national animal identification system. 

Mad Cow Disease

for a Beleaguered World

                 Author Unknown
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" The Price Of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance "
                                                         Thomas Jefferson


The Bush-whackers must be defeated

When will we women who are the mothers, sisters, aunts,
daughters, wives, nieces, lovers and friends, be appreciated
for our contribution. Maybe the fools who use us as guinea pigs
by plying us for over 30 years with dangerous, cancer causing
drugs, HRT, etc. think they can keep the human race going
without our help. Our arrogance has become an abomination
in all areas of Government any more. 

The elderly, women, children, the poor, the uninsured, we are
nothing more then pawns in a game of greed and deceit. Bush,
his father and their clan, are the most deadly of the lot, beginning
with the Nixon administration and escalating during the Reagan/Bush administration! This is the chapter (Stolen Election) that they needed to finish/close, so their "One World Order" plans could be realized. 

We are nothing more than food for the jackals and many of us
are not delusional, as we have paid the piper in spades! The Bush-whackers must be defeated if this Nation is to have a
fighting chance at a healing. But there is more house cleaning
needed, the mind game is over for many of us who have sacrificed everything, only to receive in return for our trust and hard work,
the heavy burden of anxieties, deep sadness and what has
amounted to a deadly assault to our spirit.

I am not a cry baby, a complainer, nor a blamer.  But, I can no
longer stand by like a fool and ignore the obvious, we have
become a Nation of hypocrites, blinded by our own wants,
fears and ignorance.  If we are a nation of believers it's time
we stopped playing at knowing the "Lord and the Christ"
and started doing what the Christ preached, and put into
practice everyday that he was here on earth. LOVE!

Christ did not advocate violence! Remember Peter and the
Roman? Christ's mission, besides to redeem us, was to
enlighten us in a new way, and love, patience, selflessness,
compassion, was what he lived and what he taught.
I am not a zealot, I am a sinner, who loves God and
appreciates what the Christ did out of his
Great Love, for his children.

Barbara  Costello

Children of War


" If A Nation Expects To Be Free and Ignorant
It Expects What Never Was And Never Will Be
Thomas Jefferson