Corporate Assault

This was written March of 2001. It is time it was shared.

November 11, 2003

America's Shame!

There is a weapon of mass destruction which many have overlook! It is the most damaging of any weapons ever designed and indiscriminately used by man. It's often over-looked by the enemy, which sadly, could be you or I. It is a weapon which is obstinately ignored and all too often taken for granted as it is implemented, and in it's design, it creates deadly havoc in the lives of the already disenfranchised. It has the noxious power to destroy the beautiful side of the human spirit. This weapon of mass destruction is as old as history can document and it is used beyond reason with the end result being total devastation!

This is the weapon of choice being used today! It plunders and systematically wipes out all and any dissention! It lies! It cheats! It belittles! It threatens! It coerces the weak! It is the most effective of any weapons ever designed and used by man! It is sometimes a silent killer! But then there are times such as now, in its display of arrogance ( Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, etc.) it becomes so easily identifiable! It's the real enemy of all mankind and it is as old as the spirit can comprehend. It's a weapon we are all familiar with! It's called GREED! Definition: "SELFISH DESIRE BEYOND REASON"!

It seems, long before 9/11, nearly all of our leaders of the United States lost REASON! Either from being possessed and taken over by that "SELFISH DESIRE BEYOND REASON" and or the fear of engaging the true enemy of us all. Either way; It is the pernicious coward called "Greed" that rules our once great nation! "The Most Lethal Weapon of "Mass Destruction Ever Designed and Implemented by MAN"! It has been cleverly used by Corporate America to deceive, entrap, and ultimately transform us! I am here to tell you that some of us will no longer be willing participants! No longer will we be tempted and blinded by 

"The Corporations of Darkness"!

America's Shame!

Barbara Williams


Corporate Assault & Battery

For many years Many people have been under attack by the outrageous behavior of Corporate America! We find ourselves being bombarded by
offers skewed to attract and compel. Inviting, convincing Offers designed
to engulf us in an endless maze of debt! Now! Some would say no one
twisted our arm, that we knew what we were doing. Oh yes! But did
we completely understand what we were opening ourselves up to?
No we did not! Many of us might have made far different choices
had we known what was up the conniving sleazy world of much of
Greedy Corporate America! Take a Close look at the
Bankruptcy Bill for starters, they designed it
Deceased, Senator Paul Wellstone understood!
The fleecing of America!

Ah! But Corporate Americas Capitalism/Commercialism is designed too
entrap and trap and trap until it gets a hold of you like a vise. It has been
all too easy these last demanding and unreasonable years to tempt those
who have worked hard, have little money, less time, many pressing
problems and like any mortal, have a need to be validated in some
small way before they die! But instead we find ourselves sinking in
quick sand where our leaders have led us, due to their lack
of vigilance, or their complicity!

Since the Reagan/Bush years, it has been an "Impossible Dream" "The
American Dream", unless you were a corrupt and selfish individual! I am
not feeling sorry for myself and do not want nor have I ever embraced pity.
My family and I have paid our dues over and over and for many years I
have been so close to losing it! That is one of the reasons why I am
speaking out for all those other souls that dare not speak out
for themselves for one reason or another. Decent, hardworking
Americans, who have sacrificed themselves into a corner and
they just do not want nor can they take it any longer!

How many of you out there have had one problem after another with merchandise you have purchased and been hooked for additional
warrantee cost for TV's, Washing Machines, Hot water heaters,
sports/out-side gear, Computers, software, printers, scanners.
What about telephones and service, Utility companies, electric,
Propane. Level Propane for one, which was attempting to and
in many cases did, in fact, rip off many Americans?
We know; we were one of those who held "Level Propane"
accountable to their fraudulent behavior and it cost us,
even though the Attorney General's in many States levied
a fine of $750,000.00 on "Level Propane"!

How many of you have bought food that was not what the ad promised,
for example: twelve frozen biscuits, were there were only ten, etc. etc. Have
you purchased more often then not these years, tough beef, even though
you thought you were purchasing the tender NY, etc?

How many of you have been faced with an immediate discernible
problem and the company you have called to hold accountable because of
a serious error, conveniently, is not available, and even though they say
they will get back to you; They Don't!

( But they haven't forgot your name and address
when the bill comes due

I could go on and on from where I have been perched these last many years!
I have contained my anger and not acted on my impulses; Which is to tear
the throat out of many of these faceless wonders who have eagerly taken
my hard earned money, and replaced it with that, which only an arrogant, pernicious, corrupt, faceless wonder would dare offer any American
who is not brain dead! Dear God the overwhelming exasperation as the
years wear and tear at our essence, which was once hopeful, and full
of promise! The compelling need to find out, "Whatever happened
to America and her sense of Justice and
"HOMELAND" Pride?"

I know that I need not go any further with my personal experiences as
they are too numerous to name here! If any of you have experienced
one tenth of what my family, friends and I have experienced, you have
paid unreasonable dues. You have been frustrated beyond reason!
And clearly, you understand what I am talking about!

George Bush wants to bring justice to other parts of the world.
Just what kind of justice is Bush the lesser speaking of? Is it the kind
that sells you items that are not worth what you paid for them, where
corporate America has devised an ingenious plan which charges you
to ensure that they will work (extended warrantees)! Have you had the
horror of lost time waiting for a new washing machine, or other item to be serviced, and serviced, and serviced? We have!
They do not forget, they do they take forever,
when the warrantees come due, have you noticed

Is Bush the lesser speaking of the kind of justice that his father and Reagan
years dealt us with their voodoo economics? Like! No Health Care?
Or, "Health Care" costs, thanks to the father/Reagan/Republicans,
which are prohibitive;  Inadequate and deadly for many, who have
some sort of coverage? Job cutbacks?
Outrageous national (it doubled) debt?

S&L scandal, Iran Contra, Persian Gulf Syndrome (depleted Uranium)
El Salvador, Nicaragua, Saddam, the butcher of Baghdad! Now! Enron, WorldCom, Halliburton, etc.? There are far more terrible things that this
Whitehouse and His fathers' have performed,  they and their
cronies have effectively usurped the rights of working class
Americans in order to pursue their greedy goals.

Then there were the unscrupulous attacks on the Clinton’s for much
of their eight years of service to the people! I did not vote for
President Clinton until the second term, Thanks to the
"Republican Guard"
of the U.S.!

I remember the Jesse Carpenter story, do you? Jesse was a Nam war
hero who froze to death in Washington DC, Christmas, 1984, literally,
on the steps of the White House. This was shortly after several people
like Attorney General Meese and some others had the audacity to say,
"No one went hungry or was in want in America.
" Maybe not from where they perched!

Corporate America and their raiders are so arrogant in their takeover
of American values as well as the rights guaranteed by the
Constitution, that they have become shameless and are
an embarrassment to any proud American patriot!

There are many alarms being sounded, warning of terrorism and diseases,
like West Nile and SARS. Have you heard of or do you remember
the mother and her two children who are now dead, (they smothered)
because the best they could afford in order to feel safe,
was that which "HOMELAND" Security offered,
Fear, Plastic and that very sticky Silver Tape!

America's Shame!

Just what will hospitals do if we need to go and or take our loved ones
to them, especially if these diseases get out of control and are visited
upon us, or someone we love? What can we expect if one of these
hospitals do tend to us? I'll tell you what you can expect, I have
seen the decline of emergency room service for the uninsured,
you are nothing more then food for the jackals. And I am here
to tell you, no thanks to an emergency room, it can be a god-awful
experience, even when you do have coverage!

What about the money to bury a loved one. Do any of our leaders ever
think of this when they fight for the crumbs we get? We can't afford to
stay healthy, how in God’s name can we afford to bury or be buried.
What kind of justice is this that this "White House and
Washington metes out"?

Is this what we offer the Iraqi's and the world at large? We have
already killed off many Iraqi loved ones with our inhumane sanctions,
Depleted Uranium and now a pernicious war! But then again, many
Americans have been suffering under a type of Government imposed
sanction ourselves. We work for peanuts! No Health Care!
Unsafe work environments! Double standards. Our Veterans
serve at the behest of an insensitive spoiled individual,
who fancies himself as a leader.  My mother would
say, "Leaders Command, Dictators Demand"!
And the beat goes on!

No voice in Washington! Not even a viable whimper since
"Wellstone lost his life, albeit Senator Byrd has certainly bravely
tried! I have been watching and listening closely and while a few
voices have been raised for the people,
it may be too little, too late!

"We the People" have lost the right of redress! What price must we
continue to pay for Bush’s kind of freedom? Bush the lesser!
Well his idea of freedom is an abomination!
He attempts to instill fear in our hearts as he challenges
the faithful and all those patriots of these United States of "AMERICA"!


Barbara Costello


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