Our Freedoms Are For Sale

All decent people are compelled to come to terms with the truth of what is going on in our Nation. Some will see it for what it has become. The looming violence will surely escalate against all Americans who do not tow the line in the manner that "New World Order" thinkers want us too.

This is neither reality TV nor a bad movie, this is our new life in the Americas and the corporations want our nation on her knees! We have been lied to and our leaders have duped us. Americans had better remember what happened in Germany or our country is doomed and our actions, if not seriously curtailed, will make Hitler look like a Boy Scout!

When Hitler showed his true colors there was us, the United States, to intercede and bring freedom & justice to the world. Who will bring freedom & justice to the world and to US, if we crumble from within? Think? Our freedoms are under attack but do you know who the real enemy is? When our forefathers fought for our freedoms they asked no quarter and gave no quarter when it came to our freedoms. Democracy and this Republic is not for sale!

Nothing in  The Constitution allows for the sale of our freedoms to any body of people either Foreign or Domestic.

"Dude, Where's my Country", by Michael Moore, should be the cry of all freedom loving People. "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" is the new reality and it did not come on us suddenly. Greg Palast is the investigative reporter who wrote this expose.  The New World order has been looming in the wings as it has slowly and deliberately been readying itself to usurp what is left of Americans freedoms like the vampire it is. The New World order has emerged out of the shadows and into the blatant light of day and used 9/11 as its battle cry! Those who serve this new oppressive mindset have bargained on our complacency and fears and they are winning,  at the moment.

Those who refuse to see the truth will one day become its victims. Read our history and what our forefathers warned of! Read Benjamin Franklinís warnings about our fragile democracy. Read
Thomas Jefferson We were willed and inherited the greatest piece of legislation ever devised and implemented by human beings and it is our duty to love, understand and protect, what is our blessed inheritance. The Constitution, Bill of Rights of these United States!

Wake up America, her shame is showing and all her wounds are festering. Wounds which have been inflected from within. No one can take our Country down but those of us who fail to see and act on its inner enemies. If you fear the terrorists of 9/11 then fear the leadership that failed to protect us on that day and the devious way they have used that day, in order to fuel your pain and fears!

This country and many of her people are great but there is no guarantee that her leadership will be great, unless we do our part! We are the people, remember! Of the people for the people and by the people of these United States.

There is a new "Genocide" on the horizon and it's under the guise
of  The Patriot Act
Homeland Security and "Globalization"!

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