We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident !
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Dare To Dream QUEST 

Whoever destroys a single life is as guilty as though he
had destroyed the entire world; and whoever rescues a
single life earns as much merit as though he had
rescued the entire world.
 The Talmud, Mishna. Sanhedrin 
Dare To Dream Network, founded 1991

The  Dare To Dream QUEST  is to encourage
and help folks find their footing once again! Encourage
them to hold onto the "Dreams" they had before the
accident/injury and or, encourage them to build new
"Dreams" while setting goals to strive for, as well as;
Strengthen the resolve of the Disenfranchised to
* Never Lose Hope

We do not try, nor is it reasonable and fair to diminish
what the injured/damaged/disenfranchised are going through.
Their pain is real, and the abuse by the system can create
far more damage to their/your/our head because of the
bad faith games. Anger is healthy as long as it is
* Constructive *   Productive * 

My mother used to say, 
Success Is The Best Revenge!
And that is what Dare To Dream
will strive for; Sweet Revenge by assisting in
the creation of Success stories via assisting with
information and sharing . Also, by creating a network of
voters/activist who will have a voice in their
"Home State and in Washington DC"

We are still growing with our
* Internet Family of Information * 
We hope all those who can,  will share whatever they can,
and assist  Dare To Dream  in its Quest to keep
The Dream alive for all of God's children.

Should you have links that open up doors of opportunity!
Please let us know!  If you have ideas to share, bring them on! Whatever you can offer the " Dare To Dream Network "
will be appreciated, and it will be used to the utmost
in order to bring,

* Hope *
Relief *
to the
Disenfranchised *

 " When Dreams Die, So Goes Greatness "
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The Dare To Dream Network is a support network 
participating in Health Care, Senior Citizen, Veteran,
Injured Worker,  as well as Political Issues
which effect the future of all Americans.
The goal of  Dare To Dream  is to
provide a forum for visitors in order
to find/share information through
a variety of resources.

The  Dare To Dream Network
goal is to enable you to help yourself.
" Quest " of  Dare To Dream Network?
That you will in turn, enable someone else.

You can also help others by sharing your
knowledge, experiences, solutions and triumphs.

Knowledge & Understanding is Freedom
" The Ten Commandments Are Not Multiple Choice "
" GOD "

" The Bill of Rights - Constitution Are Not Multiple Choice "
We The People "

Wherever the mind wanders, restless and diffuse in its search for satisfaction without, lead it within; train it to rest in the Self.
                           -Bhagavad Gita 6:26