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Dare To Dream Poem

"Let us love one another: for
love is of GOD," - John 4:7

"Dare to Dream"

For one who is a self starter and finishes what one starts,
For one who has studied and in the interim worked hard,
For one who has
"Dare'd to Dream" and others dared to support.

These words up above were written for all;

For those who dare to be different and stand uncommonly tall.

So when life deals a blow and the future seems on hold,
"Press on, Press on", be uncommonly bold!

You've one life to live and as your story unfolds
remember these words 

" Gibran "
once told;

"To understand the heart and mind of a person
look not at what he or she has already achieved,
but at what they aspire to do".

These words of "Gibran" are profound you see
because those who aspire still 
"Dare to Dream" !

If you must lose time, let it not be in vain,
make each detour a challenge and do not refrain,

For always remember hard as it may seem,
on the lips of the fair there appears
your name.


****** 1991 ******

Poems of Gibran
Words by Gibran

Art by Gibran

More Gibran



for a Beleaguered World

                 Author Unknown
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be Patient for download, it's worth it!

Poetry Links


The truth floats by like ash strewn on the waters
of the Ganges
It falls as bodies from a burning skyscraper
with disintegrating wings
A thousand-petalled lotus of cellular memory
from dawn to dusk on a mortal planet
I grieve its loss
as a blue light fades

Across our landscape
innocent seeds diluted and augmented
grow into nothing
while time scatters shriveled leaves

Doors open to the truth
but close like caskets placed in yet warm earth
we struggle to emerge through
as it flies from our hands toward heaven

Wave good-bye to the archives
No headstone
Only artificial imagery of prehistoric doom tales
brought to you in a box of petulant nightmares
In these days of pining for purity even the family dog
is eulogized
But the truth lies in unmarked graves

c. Joan Didak, 1/6/2

Even if you seek tranquility, delight in
goodness, and search for the source,
if you don't meet someone with genuine
true knowledge and understanding,
it will turn instead into major error.
The fault lies in false teachers.

From The Pocket Zen Reader

If you want glory, then remember
that all glory belongs to God alone.
He hears every kind word that is spoken,
and he praises every good deed. But those
who plot evil will be sternly punished; he will
thwart their plots, bringing them to nothing.

-Qur'an, Fatir, Surah 35:10

366 Readings From Islam

One should not stand at the foot
of a sick person's bed, because
that place is reserved for
the guardian angel.

- Jewish folk saying

On the last day of the feast, the great day,
Jesus stood up and proclaimed,
"If any one thirst, let him come to me
and drink. He who believes in me,
as the scripture has said,  Out of
his heart shall flow rivers of
living water.'"



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