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America's Shame

The Price Of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance
                                                         Thomas Jefferson

Plutonium Files sheds light on inhuman experiment

Be Ye Recycled To God

In 1985 I put out a "News Letter " called "The Typewriter of The People".  In it I said:   " I was not smart in the way of Politics, nor Corporate America,  But,  What I had come to realize through the abuse I saw emerging from these power brokers at that time,  Was That They Were Not (and unto this day) Wise in The Ways of Common Sense"!       B. C. W.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be. . . The People cannot be safe without information.   When the press is free,  and every man is able to read, all is safe."                                                     
                                                                 Thomas Jefferson

America's Shame
Expose the DECEPTION 911 review
commentary... BC

I think it is not very difficult to see through
the farce and sham of the leadership of our Nation!
What made this Nation great, was not it's leadership
alone, but the vigilance of the wise and brave peoples of these
United States. Remember? Land of the Free and the Brave?
Well freedom is not free! It must be earned. It is also never
won by usurping the freedom of others. Courage ( Brave )
begins with a sense of what is fair and then daring to defy
anyone who would challenge our/your determination
to do what is right. 

Great leaders respect, honor and protect their country's
history! Great people keep the torch of freedom burning,
holding it ever so close, as they also hold all those who would
be covetous, accountable to their actions! This great Nation
should not allow today's leaders the power to compromise
it's laws ( Bill of Rights ) created by the courageous
leaders of yesterday, wise beyond their time!

Exemplary leaders who sacrificed everything in order
to create and maintain the greatest piece of legislation
ever conceived, fought for, and accomplished
by man! 

Many Democrats act craven!
What are they fearful of, being labeled as class warriors?
Could that be why Democrats no longer perform like an
honest democratic representation of the people?
Or is it even more sinister?
Have they sold out our Democracy?

Our fragile


of these United States!

It is the greatest achievement ever inspired by any human
born or yet to be born. These truths I hold dear in my Heart
and will defend with my life! "Give me Liberty or give me Death"
is applicable today to true Patriots. We do not need to look to
other countries for enemies, our own house needs cleaning!

We chose to pigeon hole and call names! We look for the
speck in the eyes of others when it is we who have become
blinded by our own lustful greed. And as we stumble and fall,
we have the audacity to decree, we are the true spirit of
goodness and light. Spirit of goodness and light would
not short change our poor, our veterans, our seniors,
**** the children of these United States, our future! ****

The spirit of goodness and light would not turn a deaf ear
nor a blind eye away from the corruption of Corporate American
thieves, nor aide and abet them as they take over, not only
3rd world countries, but the freedoms and the
covenants we Americans inherited from
our forefathers!

The spirit of goodness and light would not hinder/thwart
investigations into the attacks of September 11th.
It is history repeating itself,
"The Assassination and cover-up of J.F.K."
The spirit of goodness and light would not have
sacrificed are young in a craven war motivated by greed
for oil...Gas reserves in Afghanistan... and other lustful wants.

The two Kennedy Assassinations, 9/11, Waco,
and now the dangerous-Patriot Act 2. Most
damaging events ever to taint our Nation!
All demanding honest answers!

We couldn't get any honest answers on the outing
of a CIA operative.. Wilson's wife.. Yet ""lo and behold"
the person who it is said gave Novak the info for this
treasonous act received a cushiony position by our less
then honorable President who says he has permission
from God to act this way... Scary!

Note: Many Americans, including some of those
who lost loved ones on 9/11 are disgusted with this
travesty of Justice, in which heartless leaders used 9/11
as an excuse to wage war on Iraq. Continue to use 9/11
as a weapon to inflame the masses when it suits this
Whitehouse while, at the same time... thwarting any real
investigation or release of information into the findings
of the events that led up to 9/11!

The usurping of our Freedoms and Skewed Priorities!

Is it not enough that Washington leaves us out of any
reasonable legislation that would allow us some breathing
room? Must they also ignore the corruption that touches
us all through outrageous pernicious Corporate greed?
Enron is only the tip of the iceberg! Those of you
who hide beyond those closed doors
know of what I speak!

One of the largest bad faith fraudulently
un-checked rip offs in American history...
"The Credit Card Companies!"

Many of whom have an agenda that makes one know
that they are bona-fide un-American, and will do
whatever it takes, to take your money
via high unregulated interest rates...
Raised at their whim and your
destruction their final goal...

Legislators sign into law bills designed to protect
Corporate America from fraudulent behavior by the people.
When do Legislators sign into and act on laws which are
designed to protect us from Corporate corruption?
Corporate America wants a bankruptcy bill... Caps on
litigation awards all designed to protect their interest
and the cost...OUR DEMOCRACY!

Corporate Greed & Immorality are the
Core Reason Behind Many American's
Losing Their Once Good Credit standing!
Smart people are not against Globalization!
Wise people are afraid of those running the show
it reads like a b-movie!


Truer words were never written. Corruption is not
a new disease, but today's leaders have brought
something new to the table! Our forefathers would be
outraged at the blatant arrogant folly of today's
Washington insiders, who foolishly believe
that we are all sleepers.
Until the leaders of Washington get their act together
remembering who and what they represent, they have
no room to call other leaders down.  Stop being hypocrites!
Read history! Lest you want to doom yourself and this nation
by repeating the mistakes of  the fools of the past!
Humility, Honor, Loyalty, Compassion, Patience, Truth;
These words I hold in my heart Humbly understanding that the
ability to avoid the tyranny that permeates Washington today
is what leadership of these United States should be about!
Doing the business of all, even the least of these!
Not  "Using up the best and the brightest"
perpetuating the Status Quo, using smoke
and mirrors, and bent on oppression.
Some of you call yourself Christians!
Jesus would call many of you hypocrites!
Those who defile the name of GOD with vicious
actions and then can justify those actions
serve God's enemy.
It is God's will that must be done by his own!
Those of you who are blinded to what is "Just and Equitable"
are self-serving and dangerous to all of God's children... you
are the abomination that we were warned of in scripture!
I have no aversion to the wealthy being wealthy and having
all the toys they want.

But Not Bought with our Children's Blood!

What I do have an aversion to, is that many the wealthy
and powerful compel our people with false promises
and then use and abuse our children. Drain them dry,
and then they discard them like so much garbage!

Veterans Administration has been forever vastly
Military pay causing poverty. Military
families suffer in wars & at home.
Nothing new!
No matter what your spiritual belief, if you believe in God,
then you must acknowledge that there is only one GOD,
and that God is the God of us all!  Knowing or not
knowing God should not determine the course
of justice that God's children mete out!
We all follow different beliefs and are led by the spirit in many
unique ways. None of us have the right to make judgments.
It is the creator who is the only one worthy to judge,
and offers all of his children goodness and light!
Goodness and light would not find lame excuses for killing,
plundering and sanctioning those less fortunate, and then,
have the nerve to call it justice!  Goodness and light
would not pull down but raise up the spirit,
and then rejoice in it!
"The Bogus Medicare Bill" which will make
certain the Status Quo remains... rewards the pork
to the haves, while leaving seniors the bottom of the barrel!
Shame on this Nation! Shame on it's Leaders! 
It's America's Shame!
We have become complacent, stagnant, and are 
creating darkness instead of light.  There is a new
battle cry which has emerged from this Whitehouse,  
The battle cry of the haves as they wage war on
Democracy's Children!
Complacency ( Status Quo ), deceitful actions
nor greed bring out what is best in
Americans nor in God's Children!
Moral Excellence "Commands, It Does Not Demand"!
Kennedy, Durbin, Harkin, Edwards and a few others seemed
to be on the right track last year trying to make a difference.
I fear it may be too little too late!

* Wellstone will be sorely missed by those of us who saw
him in action. He blew me away with his candor!
My doubting heart questions his accidental death! 
Great timing! Just as we were about to wage war
on the poor and the Middle East!

"A Democratic Republic brings out what is best in all Americans"
Democratic Party stop telling us "We Need New Leadership",
act like you know what that means and provide us with the
confidence to know you can & will pull it off.  Stop talking at us.
Get in touch with the people of this country you wish to lead.
What we are going through out here in the real world
would make our forefathers turn over in their graves,
and their spirit of JUSTICE would wage war
on the Washington leaders of today.
It has become repugnant!
 Lives are going down the tubes because the majority of
the people who are in the minority as far as any equitable
alternative have no voice in Washington and are becoming exceedingly frustrated with that blatant reality! 
Someone has decided,
The Have-Not are Expendable"!
"We Spend Precious Time Judging Each Other
Instead of Learning To love One Another" B.C.

PS: I have done my homework on Castro. He used to
visit the United States on a regular basis when I was just
a child and he would spend enormous amounts of time in
New York City, place of my birth. I even got to see him
up close one day I had him graciously acknowledge
this child which left an indelible memory on the
innocence of this child.

Castro loved baseball, hotdogs and America!
There is much more to the Castro story,
more then meets the eye, and the politics of our nation

are the key to much ( President Kennedy was aware of that )
Castro did not start out as a communist and indeed
was betrayed by covetous leadership. 

I for one am disgusted with all the isms!

Author: Barbara Costello

"We Spend Precious Time Judging Each Other
Instead of Learning To love One Another
" B.C.

If a man string putrid fish
On a blade of  kusa grass, 
That same grass will putrid smell. 
So with him who follows fools.

If a man wrap frankincense
In a leaf, that leaf smells sweet.
So with those who follow sages.
Buddhist Wisdom-Itivuttaka

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