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Hot Issues

Election 2004

Like it or not, Major Scott Ritter had it right all along. 
© 2004 David H. Hackworth 
DefenseWatch Senior Military Columnist

Dr. Mordechai Vanunu, was released from prison
thanks to the efforts of many of you.
And then
re-arrested to keep him quiet
Dr. Vanunu would benefit by our prayers.

Community Advocacy for Northern New Mexico

"Carnegie Endowment for International Peace"

Democrats and Weapons of Mass Destruction

British Intelligence Employee Facing Prison
For Exposing U.S.-UN Surveillance Scandal
Update: Katharine Gun Free!
Thanks to the efforts of all who
participated in getting the word out.


Secret of the Tomb


What Secrets does John Kerry & G.W B. Share

The Occult Bush Family

and the Bush - Enron Connection

The Order of Skull & Bones

1st John 4, Ch: 1-2

Important Note:
AMERICANS: Ask your Congressperson to support H.R. 2239 Endorsed by the DNC, Representative Rush Holt's Bill HR2239 which would mandate paper verification for the new computerized voting machines that are very vulnerable to tampering must pass soon or it will be difficult for all the
states to buy the necessary equipment in time
for the 2004 vote!

True Majority

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

Sen. John Edwards (D-NC)

The Unique Al Sharpton

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT)

Gary Nolan (Libertarian)

Independent Party

Write-In Candidates

Independent Candidates

Women Running for president

Howard Dean

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)

Carol Moseley Braun

Rep. Richard Gephardt (D-MO)


Dr. John Hagelin (Natural Law)

Green Party Candidate

Republican Candidates

Additional Parties

" From the moment I take office,
I will stand up to the special interests
and stand with hardworking families
so that we can give America back
its future and its ideals."
 Sen.  John Kerry............2004

Presidential Election Resources:

The 43 Presidents of the United States

Historical Analysis of the Electoral College
Your vote counts, if you understand
what you must do to make it count!

 Bill Moyers, Informed  American Patriot  
* BuzzFlash  Common Dreams *
* Patriotism and the Flag *
* Senator McCain *
Alibris Books *

9-11 Widow Files Rico Lawsuit



God, Blair and the Bomb 
God -- and now perhaps Blair and Bush


George W. Bush & his Cohorts

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be. . . The People cannot be safe without information.   When the press is free,  and every man is able to read, all is safe."                                                     
                                                                 Thomas Jefferson

Expose the DECEPTION
9-11 review

9/11 Health

Breakthrough treatment for
Killer Cholesterol

Arizona Makes Secession Preparations
Mad Cow Disease

Women's Vote Center

The SAFER Food Act (HR 3546) 

Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO)

Tell Us What You Think of the Democrats Comments

The Democrat Party is quickly becoming a Party that looks to blame America first, and demonstrates a willingness to say anything to attack the President. Days before the war Tom Daschle blamed any potential war casualties on President Bush. Joe Lieberman called President Bush a "greater threat to peace than Saddam Hussein." Dick Gephardt claimed that President Bush is "bullying" the world. And just yesterday, John Kerry called for "regime change" in the U.S.

Tell us what you think of these radical comments by filling out this form below.

see comments below:

As a Republican of many years, who is about to make a change, I do not feel John Kerry's remarks are far off base at all. We have acted unprofessionally and arrogantly in our approach to this Iraqi problem and as a proud American, I am embarrassed by our actions!

It's time to stop the bullying of Americans as well. When President Bush said, basically, you are either with the enemy or
us, he challenged more then Democrats. He may be the president, but I am the captain of my ship and my free will was/has been challenged by many things he has foolishly said.

Greatness does not make fun of others and arrogantly alienate our friends. Greatness (that knows Gods will and plan) practices patience! Anyone paying attention these last years has not seen anything but bullying tactics, of one kind or another.

I am glad someone has finally spoke up! It's too bad there is not a "Red Blooded Republican who remembers this nations history" and has had the courage to say what must be said; We are going in the wrong direction for our Nations pride, the world at large, and for Gods plan for us, unless of course, we are to be the catalyst that sets the stage for the Anti Christ!

Sorry, but George Bush the lesser, is not a leader, he is a spoiled child who conveys this message, "If I can't get my way I will pick up my toys and leave and/or blow up your families futures." He acts delusional! He doesn't speak with conviction with or without reading from the IDIOT BOX!

I have had enough and I am not afraid to speak out even though, under George W. Bush, that also seems to be becoming an offense in a society that professes to be free. Decency and innocence can/are being punished by this new ignorance as Americans are more divided then ever. It Is those that do not speak out that I am worried about.

Long live America and those that cherish her birthright and that marvelous piece of paper written on Papyrus:


"The Constitution of These United States!"

Sincerely Submitted: "to our glorious history
of the Brave who "Dare To Dream" and be
Uncommonly Different, with the Courage
to speak out in the name of

Barbara Costello
Las Vegas, Nevada



" Unconditional Love "
                    Author Unknown

Click here and then click images Please
be patient for download, it's worth it!

The Honorable Paul Craig Roberts
is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution
& has estimated, due to the impact of Free
Trade, that in about 20 years The United
States of America will be a Third World Nation!  Jan. 2004'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The 2nd Amendment
" The Right to Keep and Bear Arms "
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), ranking Democrat of the Judiciary Committee, took a break from the 39-hour GOP hypocrisy-a-thon and visited the DNC to see the results of our petition drive. He said your support was vital to the Democrats' effort, and even read your comments from the petition on the Senate floor.

For the record:

  • The Senate has confirmed 168 of President Bush's judicial nominees.
  • Democrats have filibustered just four of Bush's nominees because they hold extremist, ultraconservative views far outside the mainstream.
  • Republicans blocked 63 of President Clinton's nominees to the federal bench.
  • Republicans refused to give many of Clinton's nominees hearings at all, and even blocked some of them with anonymous holds from a single Republican Senator.
  • The federal judiciary has fewer vacancies now than any time for the past 20 years.

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What soap is to the body,
laughter is to the soul.

- Yiddish Proverb

If you rely upon Allah, trusting him
completely, He certainly would provide
for you as He provides for the birds.
The birds set out hungry in the morning,
yet return satisfied at dusk.

-The Prophet Muhammad,
as reported by
Umar bin al-Khattab

That very seeing does not see Itself at all.
How can something that cannot
see itself See another?




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