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 Memorial Wall

God Bless Our Vets 

" Wall Of Remembrance Below "

" To Care For Him Who Shall Have Borne The Battle "
Abraham Lincoln


Christmas 1996 to honor our departed
friend Ed Ellis. We made a promise to Ed and we are
going to do our best to honor that promise. BC-W/DW

"Ed, we won't forget"


Assume Nothing! Question Everything!
Capt. Charles
"David" Pearce

Quote from our dear departed friend who we
sorely miss!

For those that knew David here is his family-tree, click here

Three of our friends who are no longer with us,
Andy Cole
David Pearce Ed Ellis.

If you have a vet you wish to honor here,
please let us know

Contact at DareToDreamNetwork.net

" Links to Individual Memorials "

" Wall Of Remembrance "

" To Care For Him Who Shall Have Borne The Battle "
Abraham Lincoln

We wish to thank these men and women who have
walked in the
" Valley of the Shadow of Death "  while
in service to their Country... We
will Not Forget!

Andy Cole

Bill Morris

Francis A. Boyles

Louie L. Trujillo

Spc Casey A. Sheehan

David Pearce

SP4 Larry Paterson

Harold Wilson

Jeffrey Lucey

Lcpl. Alexander Arredondo

Spc Jason Edward Cooper

Edward Ellis

Paul O.T.Williams

Harry Williams


Gordon Gentle

Gene Paul Collatz, Dare to Dreams' first member.

gene paul collatz

May 24, 2015 / R.I.P.



The truth floats by like ash strewn on the waters
of the Ganges
It falls as bodies from a burning skyscraper
with disintegrating wings
A thousand-petalled lotus of cellular memory
from dawn to dusk on a mortal planet
I grieve its loss
as a blue light fades

Across our landscape
innocent seeds diluted and augmented
grow into nothing
while time scatters shriveled leaves

Doors open to the truth
but close like caskets placed in yet warm earth
we struggle to emerge through
as it flies from our hands toward heaven

Wave good-bye to the archives
No headstone
Only artificial imagery of prehistoric doom tales
brought to you in a box of petulant nightmares
In these days of pining for purity even the family dog
is eulogized
But the truth lies in unmarked graves

c. Joan Didak, 1/6/2

Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation

Links to other Memorials

Tribute to Martin Luther King

An American Family Endures
Lcpl. Alexander Arredondo, USMC

Lcpl. Alexander Arredondo Guest Book



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