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To Umax;  " We have never been able to get this scanner (PowerLook II $2,000) to produce close to the original image (slide or print) when scanned. It always has a darker cast to it, and looks similar to under-exposed photos (see examples; gray-blue cast).  The colors, like red, are very dull."  "...from day one."

When we contacted
Umax back in late 1996 we were informed that it could be our monitor settings, software, etc, etc..  And, for us to try to locate the problem and get information and fixes through Umax web site, Microsoft, Adobe, and so on.  We were to update all our drivers and bios.  This took a lot of time, and did nothing.  Same old thing, blame it on the other company's software compatibility and settings issues until the warranty runs out.


Due to a severe disability I had to start a new career (graphic arts), this Umax scanner was represented to me as an excellent image reproducing scanner.  I spent top dollars for this piece of equipment.

Umax Response;  " I have no trouble believing this happened from day one.  It happens" "...the scanner itself may be defective" "...if you wanted to have the unit repaired, ..., the cost may be prohibitive."

Error Killer and Registry Smart Truths?

ErrorKiller and RegistrySmart, Registry repair, fix, cleaner Ripp-Off???
See for yourself before you buy. What's going on here???

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